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Fun Safe Inclusive workshops with professional facilitators.
The trainers, performers and technicians who work with the production house are talented and versatile specialists.

Workshops cater to all ages and all levels of fitness.

Workshops available include circus, performance skills, stretching, strengthening and games.

Fairground Production House programs are designed in consultation with schools and communities.

The Fremantle Fairground Association Inc. has been established to nurture positive social outcomes

through the provision of multi art forms, cultural exchange and education.




"The Fairground Go Outside Project"

is another initiative of the Fairground Production House and provides inclusive workshops and events to communities.


"The Fairground Equipment program"

The Fremantle Fairground Association Inc. aims to provide communities with high calibre, professional, safe performers, trainers, technicians and equipment with dynamic best practice programmes.
One of the main aims and inspirations in the establishment of the Association is to be able to leave equipment behind for the use and benefit of the community.

Fairground has delivered workshops and donated equipment to Muckinbudin, Kunnunurra, Wyndham, Oombilgurri, Darwul,Glen Hill, One Arm Point, Djarindjin, Beagle Bay communities and schools.



And introducing

"The Fairground ACTLAB" - direction for stage

an initiative from Fairground Production House.

Workshops for groups and individuals.

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